The Legging That Does It All - Butter Butter

The Legging That Does It All

The perfect legging doesn't exi-- oh wait, nevermind.

Our Go-To Legging is called exactly that because it's the one we reach for when we're hitting the gym, running errands around town, or running a half-marathon (well, if we ever do). 

When designing 'The Legging That Does It All', we knew it had to: 1. Be comfortable, 2. Be breathable, 3. Be durable, and 4. Have POCKETS! Because what good is a gym legging it if you can't access your phone to scroll through Instagram in between sets? All kidding aside, we wanted to ensure that our Go-To Legging ticked all the boxes for us, and addressed the pain points we face when it comes to performance-wear. 

We went with a 80% Brushed Polyester and 20% Spandex blend, giving these leggings a four-way stretch (meaning they fit like a glove and increase your range of movement), incredible shape retention, compression where it's needed, and moisture-wicking properties. On top of that, they feel incredibly soft to the touch and glide on like butter to hot toast. No pulling or tugging to try and get them on. 

The waistband is high and double-lined, providing lots of lower abdominal support and giving you that 'snatched' waist. We also tested them on our runs, and it's safe to say these bad boys will not roll down on you. We've all been through that awkward experience of having to pull your tights up every 20 seconds when we're on the treadmill, so we created this legging to banish that problem once and for all. 

They come in two colours - Carbon Black, a staple in anyone's activewear collection, and Khaki, a neutral tone that transcends seasons.

We could talk all day about our beloved Go-To Legging, but we'd prefer you to try it for yourself. As a treat for those of you who've made it this far, here's a sneaky discount code for 10% off all Go-Tos: